The Milestone Aubrey Brings a Touch of Southern Plantation Elegance for North Dallas Brides

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to tour The Milestone Aubrey grounds and get a behind the scenes look at what the bride gets to experience as she plans her special day. This property is truly magical and we couldn't have picked a better day/time to see all the gorgeous details the sunset brings to life on this property.

First off, for those that don't know where Aubrey is, it's a quiet, small, countryside town just about 50 miles North of Dallas and Northeast of Fort Worth. It's just beyond the city and in my opinion, the perfect place to host a wedding.

Arriving at The Milestone

Pulling onto the road leading to the Mansion at The Milestone Aubrey literally takes your breath away. It's the exact feeling every bride wants for their guests as they arrive to the venue on their special day. This is just that venue y'all!

The Milestone Aubrey is a stunning Georgian estate-style Mansion sitting on 52 acres in the Aubrey countryside. Everything about this estate screams southern belle. From the main home's Southern plantation style mansion with huge columns adorning the front to the grand staircase and fireplace in the foyer to the Morgan Creek Barn adjacent to the property beyond the oak trees that line the road between the two. It's just so perfect all nestled together.

What I loved most about the property overall was the feeling that it was tucked away, beyond the city, beyond the town and stuck in it's own little countryside.

The Mansion

This property's stunning staple and backdrop for many of the photos you'll see on social media is the plantation style mansion. It's just gorgeous and for anyone who has a weakness for a plantation style home, as I do, it's a dream to look at. It's really incredible to see at first as you're driven in on this circle drive.



As you enter the mansion's front doors, your eyes are immediately drawn to the grand staircase and glowing chandelier. That staircase is an event stylists dream come true. The things you can do. 😍 It's a gorgeous welcome for your guests.

Beyond the foyer is a stunning reception space that can accommodate 325 guests and features a built-in bar with a lush greenery wall, ready to be customized just for the special couple.

Further down the stunning tall, white hallways with exception chandelier wall sconces is the main ceremony space.


The Bridal Suite

Ok, let's talk about this bridal suite. What a phenomenal space for the bridal party to spend their day. What is KEY in a bridal suite?

  • Snacks (and a safe place to put them...away from everything) I always suggest to go for light-but-filling options like veggie/fruit tray, hummus, pita chips, popcorn, and protein bars.
  • LOTs of water and a fridge to store beverages of all sorts. Champagne anyone? 😉
  • Plenty of outlets and spare phone chargers.
  • Shemergency kit for brides (add to the super-essential) list!
  • Extra seating and loungy spots
  • Hangers and laundering items like steamers, etc.
  • Spare house shoes or flip flops (let's leave the 4 inch heels for the ceremony ladies)



Morgan Creek Barn

So, we've covered quite a bit about the mansion itself. But there are two other spots I want to mention here. The ultra-modern, but still country-chic Morgan Creek Barn barn, which is a secondary reception area on the property. This space is perfect if you're hosting an outdoor wedding in their outdoor venue space.

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The outdoor reception area is so stunning. The chandelier, the outdoor ceiling fans, the fireplace, the mantle, the seating, the whole thing. If you're not planning a wedding in the dead of summer, this place is perfect!



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What to Know

There are a few notables here. These are biggies. I have to point these out, even if it actually takes potential clients AWAY from me. You just can't overlook what The Milestone Aubrey includes when booking. And no, I have no agreement with The Milestone at all and am in no way being compensated for sharing this info with you. I just think it's pretty incredible. 💯

When you book with them, they do include a venue coordinator that does quite a bit with you, floral centerpiece arrangements and have amazing in house linens, tables, and chairs. This certainly cuts down on expenses. Of course, if you want to bring in your own vendor for all of this, it's an option. But, most weddings are on a tight budget and can use inclusions like this.

If you are at all interested in The Milestone as an option, visit their Instagram and check out their videos first (be sure to choose Aubrey location.)

Happy Planning!!


 ~ KC

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