Kristen Cruz | Brand Promotion & Event Planning


Kristen Cruz

Brand Promotion / Launch Strategist

Creating Buzz. At the core of what I do and have done since 2001 is help brands promote their service, products, missions, and drive awareness through marketing and events they host. I am President of Destination Innovate, where we're focused on redefining what it means to be an ad agency. I've personally worked with a lot of brands and in many industries from hospitality to automative and tech, but my mission has always been focused on helping brands excel in their unique journeys, through channels that focus on authenticity and brand loyalty. Getting your brand in front of your audience is a constant changing force and I'm here to help guide you through those efforts whether a entire digital campaign or a brand launch event showcasing your brand and your products. (1)

Event Planning & Design

One of my passions is planning the perfect event. Another person's anxiety and stress becomes my high! Literally. I just love bringing a vision to life through events. I didn't set out to become an event planner but along the way, my clients and connections asked me if I would get involved in the planning for the very events I was being asked to market, and I did. AND I FELL IN LOVE! I think it's my meticulousness, or my control freak nature that makes me so great at this. I have a very high expectation of vendors and I've honed the very best to plan some amazing events. I mean, work ethic = Level 1,000. I also design the decor and branding aspects of my events, it's another one of those knacks. 😉 LEARN MORE >> (4)

Women's Empowerment

My life-long partner in crime, and pretty much everything else - Jennifer Barbee, and I set out on a mission in 2018. Bring together the baddest group of women in tourism and change the game. Slay It, Society of Ladies Accelerating Yourself in Tourism, was founded on a vision to create the most significant female empowering movement in the tourism and hospitality industry. Through events, mentoring programs, think tanks, and coaching. Woman? In Tourism or Hospitality Industry? Get Involved!