How to Host an Amazing Kid’s Birthday Party in Your Own Home or Backyard

If you’re a parent, and you’ve been through at least one birthday party for your child, you know the struggle that is finding a venue and getting what you want. I often times get a call looking to plan a posh kid’s party that involves lots of posh but not much entertainment for the kiddies. I’ve been there - as a mom and as a party planner. I want all the posh as well but creating entertainment is extremely important for your child and your party guests.

Below are some top ideas to help you get the best of both worlds!

As you probably know being here on my blog, you know that I'm an event planner. I spend a large portion of my days planning parties and creating fun, and unique themed activities for all types of events including kid's birthday parties. My job as an event planner is to make your party as easy on you, the parent, as possible and affordable. There are tons of ways to turn your own space into a fantastic party without the struggles of reserving expensive space and dealing with the restrictions of a venue. But what about clean up you say? No prob. As your party planner, I help take care of that as well!

Here are my top ideas for turning your space into an incredible kid’s birthday party:

  1. Create a memorable dessert bar or candy station. Nothing screams kid’s birthday like a table filled with your little one’s favorite desserts themed to their favorite characters. Make it a buffet and you’ve solved two main areas - desserts and party favors for your guests to take home.

  2. Simple kids activities can make for big fun. One way to do that is to create an arts and crafts table with simple crafts for kids to make. For a princess party, you can create a tiara-making station or a doll dress up station. Or have a tattoo station that features several options for fake tattoos for the littles.

  3. A bounce house or bouncer/water slide combo is amazing for a party in the summer and provides endless good fun for the littles!

    Rent a Bounce House for Birthday Party

  4. Giant classic games like Connect 4, Checkers, and tic tac toe are tons of fun for your party guests and the adults can play too!

    Giant Connect 4 Game for Birthday Party

  5. Make it a movie night by theming a drive in movie party which can be tons of fun for everyone. Turn your dessert buffet into a themed movie candy station! You can do this indoors as well if the weather isn’t cooperating.

    Drive in Movie Themed Birthday Party


A party planner can make your party easier on you and memorable for your guests without you missing out on all the fun. We take care of food, beverage, desserts, activities, decor, and cleaning up! It’s well worth the cost and you get to enjoy the party WITH your guests and your child. It's truly priceless. 👌

If you have any great ideas or fun ways you were able to throw an amazing party at home and entertain your guests, please share with us in the comments!! 🎉 🎉 🎉


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