Finding Speakers for your Event Should be at the Top of Your List

If you’re planning a corporate event, what’s your number one priority? Sponsors? Food/Beverage? Decor? Invites? Promotion?

Here's what it should be. Speakers!

It’s funny and really not funny how many corporate events put speakers on the back burner, often announcing a final lineup or keynote right before the event happens. Huh?

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You are missing out on the POWER your speakers bring to your event. Here’s what I mean.

When you think about speakers for your event, you might immediately think about the heavy-hitters. The influential, certified, motivating, do this for a living, speaker. Not knocking them at all here, but you’re missing a big pool AND their followers if you think this way. Most corporate events are not one and done. They happen monthly, quarterly and annually which means the opportunity for your event to grow each time is extreme. 🌱You have to really dig in on content, thoughtful conversations on stage, and panels. If you start at content, your potential speaker list can essentially be anyone under those topics who meets this criteria: experienced, timely, has a story to tell. 

They don’t have to be a speaker per-say. The most impactful speakers can be those that didn’t envision themselves on stage, but have a powerful contribution to the audience. Here’s where you gain bonus points as you narrow your list: large social following, local to your event.

So many missed opportunities when you don’t work your speakers network! When I’m involved in booking speakers or have been asked to speak, there’s usually a requirement that the speaker must share the event details with their followers a set number of times leading up to the event. Going live at the event is also gaining popularity with speaker coordinators. Even if it’s just for branding purposes and the event isn’t open to ticket purchase.

Don’t wait until the end to finalize your speakers. Nail that early on so your promotion around the event can be shared amongst those committed to being a part of it. It will payoff.

Now, let's get you to sold out status.

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